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The number of families who are affected by substance abuse and addiction issues continues to grow at alarming rates; the need to help these individuals is at an all time high. Those who are struggling are everyday, regular people; they're your mail carrier, a friend, a teacher, or a lawyer. Addicts were once thought only to live in poverty stricken areas coming from lower class backgrounds. Today's addicts are from every walk of life. We need to come together and unite with them to help them beat this disease before we lose an entire generation of people.

We are a non-profit organization that provides emotional support, rides to treatment facilities, and other necessary items to individuals currently seeking addiction treatment to let them know they matter, we care, and we are here fighting for their lives right alongside  with them.

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There are only so many beds available at a time which causes many addicts to have to seek treatment facilities further and further away from their current residence. Many do not have the means to reach their treatment facilities and rely on volunteers to drive them. Donate today and help us provide the necessary transportation to their treatment facility.

  • Fundraising Activities
  • Remembrance Walk Planned for 2017
  • Working With Other Local Non-Profits
  • Providing Transportation for Addicts to Treatment
  • Narcan Distribution and Training Awareness
  • Support Groups for Families
  • Recognizing Signs of Addiction
  • Providing Support for Addicts

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Sometimes we all need to know that someone cares; as rough as whatever it is we are going through, we need to know we're not alone. By Adopting an Addict, you are providing the crucial support they need to be successful. They may still relapse, nothing is ever 100% in life, but if they know we're here for them and won't ever give up, it will make them fight that much harder for their sobriety.

Battling an addiction is tough enough, no one should have to go it alone. These individuals need as much love, support, and empathy as we can give them. We can't fix the current drug abuse problem overnight alone, but if we all come together we can win this battle! I pray I see the day soon when our services are not needed, but until then I will be here, fighting.

Rachel Obremski

Accounting & HR Manager Founder of Adopt an Addict